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The supergadgets.ORG scam
We are not supergadgets.ORG which sells greatly overpriced items using our name on group buying sites to make you think you are getting a great deal.

We sell the same items at a much much lower prices and shiping is free on SuperGadgets.CA!
Free worldwide shipping!
 We now ship for free everywhere. There is no minimum order requirements and you will get a tracking number for orders over $20.
New web site
 We just installed a new version of our web site. A few pages still need to be updated. Don't hesitate to report errors or bugs if you find some.
Lower prices
 The price of all items below $10 have been reduced by 5% to 20%.
SuperGadgets Reward Points Program
 We just introduced a new reward points program. You get reward points when you place an order. You can later use the points to pay for part or the totality or an order. You also get points for submitting product reviews.
My SG Points
Shop by price
 The $5 Gadgets tab has been modified to let you shop by price. You can have a list of items below $2, $3, 4$, $5, $10 or $20.
Shop by price
NEW: Free shipping to France and Belgium
 We now offer free delivery to France and Belgium.

There is no minimum order requirement.
New product display option
 We added a new option to the web site that lets you hide items from the Sexy Gadgets category.

You have to click the "Hide sexy gadgets" link that you can find at the bottom of every page of the web site to prevent those items from showing up on the site even in the Sexy Gadgets category.

(This feature requires cookies access)
Apple iPad accessories are in!
Apple iPad accessories
Watch movies and photos on your television in HD
 This small portable HD multimedia readear les you watch movies and videos downloaded from the internet, digital video recordings from your camcorder or digital photos directly on your television without the need for a computer. With an SD memory cards slot and a USB port for USB thumbdrives and external USB hard disk. Extremely small and portable it meseasures only 8.4 cm by 6.5 cm and is oly 1.6 cm thick. Hook it up to your television with the YPbPr or composite video output in 4:3 or 16:9 format. It can also play MP3 and WMA music files. It comes with an infrared remote control, a CR2520 battery, a power supply and audio/video cables.
Item #1989
New: Ceramic knife
 We just added a new range of ceramic chefs knifes. They almost never need sharpening like regular metal knifes. Look in the Kitchen sub-category of the Home & Office section.
Home & Office : Kitchen Grand Opening
 We've just put our new web site on-line. Your comments and suggestions are welcome, you can write to us using the form you will find in our Contact page.
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